Friday, May 20, 2011

Lovely Flower In Your Pretty Red Hair

I just finished watching Trassel (Tangled), and yes, I confess, today's post is a little bit Disney-inspired. But interestingly enough, parts of the fairy-tale's fashion mirror (or precede) a trend I've been seeing a lot of lately: flowers in our hair.

Floral hair was all over the spring runways, and while the models' hair might not be as long as Rapunel's, it was frequently incorporated into braids. In fact, braids themselves seem to have made a resurgence lately, in all of their forms. Some particularly interesting ones were on the runways of Valentino for Spring 2011 (bottom picture). It looks like basket weaving! How do I do my hair like that?!

Flowers are fabulous and braids are beautiful, but my favorite has got to be the combination of the two.  Of course, actually incorporating flowers into your braid isn't as easy as it sounds (and it sounds pretty damn difficult to me!), and the closest thing I've seen are these braids by French hairstylist Odile Gilbert:

But flowers can be beautifully incorporated into your look without the use of braids as well. You might have noticed that flower crowns are taking over Lookbook right now. The lovely Rachel-Marie of course has her version, and Niki's  pictures of her crown set the perfect summer mood. 
But I'd like to focus on some newer Lookbookers who have rocked this trend, and not gotten quite the hype they deserve. Maryam, Elodie, and Flora (how appropriate!) have some pulled off beautiful floral garlands with their looks. If you like them, please click on the titles and head over to Lookbook to hype!

Listen to this loevly old hippie song, "Flowers In Our Hair", while checking out the rest of my inspiration. How do you use flowers in your hair?

Pull and Bear spring campaign - taken from Lulu*S

Another look by Odile Gilbert

From Studded Hearts

Pull and Bear spring campaign - taken from Lulu*s

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