Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leopard and Lime

Skirt: Wetseal, Top: Vintage

It's cliche and soooo overdone, but I still can't get over how marvelous bright green looks with silky red hair! Mmm! 

I'm actually selling both of these - the Wetseal skirt for $6 and the leopard print top for $5. :)

No More Housework!

I'd rather work in the yard!

I leave Tuesday night, and there is so much to do...but I am SO FED  UP WITH CLEANING! AH! Anyone got any good recommendations to make it more bearable? Strategies, music? I have far too much to get done...but just a bit over 48 hours and I'm off to Vegas and ready to get on that plane. Stockholm, my love, I will return to you!

Everything is vintage. Skirt for sale - $10, Top for sale - $3.

Sorry for all the melancholy faces in the pictures today, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed! :P

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Don't Call Me Ginger

I wore this outfit yesterday for a day out and about with my sister Ingrid. It's a really simple look - but when it's 95 F outside you wanna keep it basic! Everything is vintage.

I've never understood why redheads (like my dear daddy and me!) are called gingers. Ginger is yellow. Personally, I'd say my hair (when I feel like resembling my dad) is more like paprika! Wouldn't you say?

Here's a closer look at the dress, which is - ta da! - for sale! It's a really simple sun dress, tailored but comfy and flowy, covered in lovely little daisies. It has spaghetti straps and a zipper in the back. Just $5 - leave me a comment or email me at if you're interested. Much love! <3