Thursday, May 12, 2011

Enchanted Reflections

As a student of Scandinavian studies, many of my sources of inspiration come from the Land of the Midnight Sun. Not only are some of the most fantastic Lookbookers from Scandinavia (like Ebba Z and Cosette M), but the independent designers are incredible.

One of my absolute favorite fashion images from Scandinavia is this one, shown an envelope skirt and a stamp skirt by Ana Gulmann of Denmark (photos by Ana Mattsoon). Take a closer look!

The stamp skirt is my absolute favorite, and if I can find a larger image of it I'll be sure to post. Aren't Scandinavian styles so ethereal?

Directly above is a stunning Icelandic model I found through Her hair reminds me of Kate Middleton and her trademark hats. What do you think?

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